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Air Jordan 1s Fit: True To Size                                                                  

These soft, well-padded sneakers are designed to make your feet feel great, and they'll adjust nicely to your foot shape. If you want a looser fit or have wider feet, you can go for a slightly bigger size.  This applies to every version of the AJ1! Even if the material changes a bit, it won't affect how they fit too much, but it might take a little time to get used to them. The front part of the AJ1 shoes is comfy for your toes, has tiny holes for air, and strong material! Just make sure you've picked the right size before the AJ1 Across The Spider Verse release. You really don't want to get that wrong!

Air Jordan 2s Fit: True To Size

The Air Jordan 2 fits true to size and has gained popularity for its unique designs. Collaborations with artists and retailers have elevated its status, and its resale value is on the rise.

Air Jordan 3s Fit: True To Size

Jordan 3's generally fit true to size in the majority of cases. so we would suggest sticking with your usual size when buying Jordan 3's. However Jordan 3's can have a narrow toe box so if you do have particularly wide feet you might be best going for half a size up to avoid them being too tight on the toe box.

Air Jordan 4s Fit: Half a Size UP 

When it comes to Air Jordan 4s, they have a chunkier appearance and a unique feel, which some of us appreciate for that extra flair. To be safe, we'd recommend going up half a size because your true size might feel a bit tight, especially if you have wider feet. However, if you prefer a snug fit, then going with your true size is the way to go.

Air Jordan 5s Fit: True to Size

When it comes to the Air Jordan 5, it's a cool sneaker with a bit of a mixed reputation. Some find it roomier than expected, but the lacing provides stability and a snug fit. Our verdict: Air Jordan 5 runs true to size. If you have narrow feet, consider sizing down half a size.

Air Jordan 6s Fit: Half a Size DOWN

Air Jordan 6s lack padding, leaving extra room inside. This results in a roomier fit, leading to creases, an odd sensation, and discomfort. To get the right fit, size down by half unless you have extremely wide feet.

Air Jordan 11s Fit: True to Size

Air Jordan 11s provide a snug and comfortable fit with mesh and patent leather. They are true to size, so no need to wonder about the fit. If you prefer a looser fit for wider feet, they'll break in and loosen up over time.


How Do Dunks Fit?

Nike Dunks Fit: True to Size

Nike Dunks are designed for comfort and are slightly wider than typical Nike sneakers. Compared to Air Force 1s, they are a bit more narrow but wider than Jordan 1s. In general, Nike Dunks fit true to size, but adjust as needed.

Tighter Fit: Half a size down
Roomier Fit: Stay true to size

SB Dunks Fit: Half a Size Up

When it comes to Nike SB Dunks, they differ from regular Dunks. They're loaded with extra padding for ultimate cushioning, making them feel a bit snug. If you prefer a tight fit, it's doable, but it's generally better to give your feet some room.

Tighter Fit: Stay true to size
Roomier Fit: Half size up

SE, Low, and High Dunks Fit :True to Size 

Dunks come in SEs, Lows, and Highs, and they generally fit true to size. The key is to pay attention to your own feet. For narrow feet, consider sizing down for Dunks, and for wider feet, think about sizing up for SBs.


How Do Yeezy's Fit?

Yeezy 350s Fit: True to Size for a V1, Half a Size Up for a V2!

If you're getting V1 sneakers from the after-market, go with your true size for a comfortable fit. The PrimeKnit is soft and molds to your foot. You can size down half if you prefer a snug fit, which won't loosen much over time.

For V2 sneakers, with thicker PrimeKnit and Boost soles, size up half for better comfort. They don't look good when too tight. You could remove insoles if they're slightly tight, but it's not recommended. 

Yeezy 500s Fit: Half-Size Up!

The Yeezy 500, those infamous dad shoes, made a big impact in 2018 with their chunky silhouette. To get the right fit, we recommend sizing up half a size as they run a bit small. The AdiPRENE sole offers great comfort for long days, but go half a size up for the best fit. It's better to be safe than have sore toes.

Yeezy 700s Fit: Half a Size Up for a V1,True to Size for a V2, and Full Size Up for a V3!

For the Yeezy 700 V1, consider sizing up by half a size as it has a short toe box, and your toes might feel a bit cramped due to the chunky midsole.

In the case of the Yeezy 700 V2, it has more padding and can be a bit snug. However, you can stick to your true shoe size, as the increased Primeknit gives it a looser fit.

Now, for the Yeezy 700 V3, it's a different design, and it tends to fit small. If you have wide feet, consider going up by half to a full size for a comfortable fit.

Yeezy Foam Runners Fit: Half-Size Up!

The Yeezy Foam Runner, often dubbed the "Yeezy clog," is notorious for its high aftermarket value and mixed opinions on its retail cost. Made in the US with algae foam, it stands out as a popular and comfortable footwear choice. While typically recommended to go half a size up, because the size run full, it is advised to go a full size up for the most comfortable fit. The rubber-like uppers don't stretch as much as Primeknit, so the extra room is a good idea for comfort.

Yeezy Slides Fit: Half-Size Up!

These rubber slippers retail for $55, making them the most affordable Adidas Yeezy slip-on. When selecting your size, it's advisable to go a full size up. The upper is firmer than flexible, so choosing true to size might result in a tight fit. 


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Air Jordan 4 Retro University Blue

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Air Jordan 4 Retro 'White Oreo'

Air Jordan 4 Retro 'White Thunder' (UNRELEASED)

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